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Tested by the Lab!

Lilly is the chief tester here at Lilly the Lab, so you can be sure she’s given her paw of approval.

On the right of the image is a young woman with mousey blonde hair and a dark purple pair of glasses, the lenses react to the light so they are dark as she is sat beneath a large tree. Emma , the lady in the photo is wearing a white t-shirt and has her hair tied back. To her left is a yellow labrador called Lilly.

Providing Helpful Hints, Tips and Product Reviews for Pets & Their Humans

Well hello there! Welcome to our little place on the web. 
If you haven’t already guessed Lilly the Labrador is all about my fab Lab Lilly and our experiences.

We’re going to be sharing some of the best dog toys, harnesses, leads, shampoo’s, grooming tips and of course our experience of canine cruciate ligament injury and recovery.


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