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About Us

Love at First Woof!

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On the right of the image is a young woman with mousey blonde hair and a dark purple pair of glasses, the lenses react to the light so they are dark as she is sat beneath a large tree. Emma , the lady in the photo is wearing a white t-shirt and has her hair tied back. To her left is a yellow labrador called Lilly.

Meet Emma & Lilly

Lets start with the most important part of this partnership….. of course that’s Lilly!

Lilly is a yellow Labrador Retriever. Unfortunately she’s had a pretty turbulent time health wise. Which is why a lot of what we do is based around her health and well-being.  Lilly is raw fed and is a fan of all things food, typical Labrador there! 
Lilly is super chilled with most things and loves to collect the post and deliver the odd show or slipper! 

As for me I’m proud to be loved by a Labrador! I’m a professionally trained dog groomer, with veterinary nursing experience. I love to sew and embroider and when we’re out walking I love taking photos! 

We’re both lucky to live in beautiful South Wales, UK and have stunning mountain walks close by.

From Veterinary to Dog Grooming

Having worked in a local veterinary practice Emma made the decision to open up her own dog grooming business. Veterinary work is extremely tough physically, mentally and emotionally and it had started to take its toll on her health. Emma trained to become a Professional Dog Groomer at one of Wales’ best dog grooming schools. Unfortunately due to COVID in 2020 the dog grooming business closed but Emma will still share her knowledge and tips right here on the Lilly the Labrador Blog!

Chief Tester Lilly

Lilly has had a number of health challenges in her life yet still remains a total bundle of love, fun and joy! She tests everything that she possibly can before it ends up here on the blog. However, a lot of the blogs will feature personal experiences from both Emma and Lilly. We’ll talk about lots of stuff from grooming to toys here at Lilly the Labrador.