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Must have items for your dogs recovery from canine cruciate ligament surgery

Must have items for your dogs recovery from canine cruciate ligament surgery

must have items for your dogs recovery from canine cruciate surgery blog


So you’re preparing for your dogs upcoming canine cruciate ligament surgery, but you’re not sure what you’ll need to help make life easier for you both during recovery. Well don’t panic, I’ve been there and I have some must have items for you to get!

Lilly had her TTA surgery on the 15th of July 2020 right in the middle of the pandemic, so some things were harder to get hold of and certain things we were unable to do. However, she’s now doing really well and I wanted to share some of the things we found useful. So let’s get on with it shall we?

Dog Crate or Pen

lilly laying in her crate on her tuffies mattress with luxury fleece

Your dog’s exercise is going to be severely restricted for 7-8 weeks post op, they’ll need to be kept as calm and as quiet as possible. This can be very difficult and frustrating especially for dogs that are used to roaming around the house as and when they please. I highly recommend you get a dog crate that’s big enough for your dog to lay down, sit up and move around in with an Elizabethan collar/cone on. Ideally you’d get one with enough time to train your dog that it’s not a bad place and reinforce positive behaviours with the crate.

Lilly was crate trained as a puppy so she was absolutely used to it and we already had one here. However, if you’re unable to get a crate then a pen will be fine as long as it’s not too big! The idea is to restrict unnecessary movement to allow them to fully rest and recover from the canine cruciate ligament surgery. Most pet shops stock dog crates but if all else fails there’s Amazon!


Lilly laying on carpet offcut to stop her slipping

If you live in a house with tiled, marble or laminate floors you’re going to be needing a lot of mats! It’s really important that your dog doesn’t slip so although you may find mats a bit of a pain or unsightly, you’re definitely going to want them. Canine cruciate ligament surgery isn’t cheap so avoid the risk of further problems by getting non-slip mats or some carpet offcuts from your local carpet store!

We have had so many mats and lots of non slip vet-bed all over the down stairs (your dog won’t be allowed upstairs post op). 

Medical Pet Suit or Anti Lick Leg Sleeve

Lilly laying in her zippies bed, wearing her medical pet suit 4 in 1 top and leg sleeves

Your dog is going to have an incision site, which for canine cruciate ligament surgery is inside of the affected leg. It will be stitched, stapled or glued. It’s vital your dog doesn’t lick the wound as the risk of infection increases massively. Plus if they disturb deeper stitches you could end up with another big bill and more antibiotics, if infection takes hold you could be looking at further surgery down the line to remove the hardware as the bacteria can ‘hide’ under the hardware and continue to thrive despite antibiotics!

Now I had ordered a Medical Pet Suit that came as 2 pieces a 4 in 1 top and the hind leg sleeves. Unfortunately, this didn’t arrive until after the operation and Lilly did manage to lick her wound even though she had her cone on! Now having worked at a vets myself, I was able to clean the wound and fully re-dress it myself as I could see she hadn’t fully re-opened the wound. I did take photos and sent them to the vet and we had to continue daily cleaning and redressing until the wound healed itself and watched for signs of infection. For you this is likely to mean further vet bills! 

So I would definitely advise ordering either the medical pet suit 4 in 1 top and leg sleeves (I got mine from Simply2 Pet Products) or getting a lick leg sleeve.

Ramp for Car and Steps

the ramp our neighbour made to make it easier for lilly to walk on to the garden so i didnt have to carry her

If you have a larger dog that’s a little too heavy to lift all the time, please invest in a ramp for your car and if you have steps in your garden you’ll need a ramp there too! Honestly lifting a 34kg/77lbs+ dog isn’t fun especially when you may need to do so to get them to the toilet multiple times a day. It’s literally back breaking work and your dog and your back will thank you for getting that ramp I promise! I was lucky enough to have a neighbour who made us a ramp as our back door and garden steps are at a very strange angle, so the shop bought just wouldn’t fit.

I’d also recommend you ask your vet or nurse to show you how to correctly lift just in case you need to. There will be a specific way to do this that will be easier for you and more comfortable for your dog, after all they aren’t going to be feeling fantastic after such a big operation! Now the car ramp will be useful long after your dogs canine cruciate ligament surgery, especially as your dog gets older.

Mind Games

Lilly chewing on an ostrich bone from JR Pet Products.

As the weeks go on your dog is going to start getting bored! They are going to feel like everything is fine and they are healed, when actually due to the nature of the canine cruciate ligament surgery, the bone is nowhere near healed! It’s going to be really important to get some brain games that will mentally stimulate them and tire them out. I used Lickimats which I mashed some banana or sweet potato and smothered in low fat greek yogurt (check there’s no artificial sweeteners in this) before freezing. I also made my own snuffle mat, but you can buy these ready made by a local dog charity (Hope Rescue)! You could also stuff and freeze a KONG or purchase an ostrich bone for your dog to chew on, we bough this ostrich bone from JR Pet Products!

All these things are suggestions but something they can do with little to no movement is ideal!

Easy Access Dog Bed

Lilly laying in her Zipped Waterproof bed

So this one is really important, your dogs canine cruciate ligament surgery will mean your dog may not feel comfortable using their leg. So you’ll need a bed that your dog doesn’t sink into as it’s going to be difficult for them to climb out of on three good legs. Something that’s supportive but not raised off the floor is ideal. I personally put Lilly’s Tuffies Wipe Clean Mattress bed with its luxury fleece cover on inside her crate. When out of her crate Lilly would lay in her Zippies waterproof bed, that has a lower front side for easy access.

A Camping Bed or Bed Sofa 

This one is definitely for you! Lilly had her operation on the 15th of July but injured herself on the 6th of July, so I slept downstairs with her on the sofa from day 1. We didn’t get back upstairs to my bed until the middle of November! I’ll be honest sleeping on the sofa was not fun and my body hated me for it. So if you can find yourself something comfy to sleep on that would be ideal and I know your body will be grateful for a comfy place to sleep too!


So there you have it, some of my must have items to help your dog recover from their canine cruciate ligament surgery, whether they had TTA or TPLO surgery! If you’d like to read more about our journey and Lilly’s canine cruciate ligament injury you can find out more here.

I hope this helps in some way and if you’ve already been on this crazy journey do you have something else you think is a must have item?

Cruciate Ligament Rupture in Dogs

Cruciate Ligament Rupture in Dogs

Cruciate ligament  injury/ rupture in dogs

If you’re reading this the chances are your dog has a suspected or confirmed cruciate rupture. I’ll be talking about mine and Lilly’s experience of cruciate ligament rupture in dogs. It’s such a worrying time for us dog owners and watching our beautiful, loyal friends limp around can be heart wrenching. 

So what is the Canine Cranial Cruciate Ligament and what does it do?

The cranial cruciate ligament often written as CrCL in dogs is the same as the “anterior” cruciate ligament (ACL) in humans, I’m sure you will have heard of footballers and athletes injuring this and potentially ending their careers.

 But what exactly is it, well it’s a band of tough fibrous tissue that attaches the femur (thigh bone) to the tibia (shin bone), preventing the tibia from shifting forward in relation to the femur. It also helps to prevent the stifle (knee) joint from over-extending or rotating. 

However, this injury is different in dogs compared to humans. Rather than breaking because of a sudden trauma as is common in humans, a dog’s cruciate ligament has a tendency to degenerate over time a bit like a rope fraying over time with use. This difference in how the injury occurs is also why the treatment differs between humans and dogs. 

There are some breeds of dogs that are predisposed to cruciate injury they include Labradors, Rottweilers, Boxers, West Highland White Terriers and Newfoundlands, though any dog can injure their cruciate. It is highly likely that if your dog injures their cruciate ligament in one leg they will also injure the cruciate in the other leg too. 

Treatments range from non-surgical management to surgical interventions such as the Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) or Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO). Your orthopaedic vet will explain in more detail which option is best for your dog as it varies from case to case and their decision will be based on the evidence they gather from Examinations, X-Rays , CT or MRI, breed, lifestyle and so much more!

Our experience 

On July 6th 2020 Lilly went out with our dog walker, something we’ve done since Lilly was about 18 months old when I worked full time away from home and later to keep her sociable with other dogs . Little did I know that this particular walk would start us on a new journey! 

I was busy working when I received a text from the dog walker saying they were on their way back, but Lilly had hurt her leg and was limping. I went to meet them at the side door and Lilly was completely off her left hind leg, which was unusual. She was also pretty muddy from her walk as it had been raining for a few days prior. First mission was to get her clean, but throughout her shower it was clear that her leg was causing discomfort. Now being off a leg for a little while isn’t an emergency per say, and sometimes these things go away with a little rest. I did, however, record her ‘walking’ around the garden and sent this to a friend who is a vet. She told me to make an appointment the next day and that she thought it may be a cruciate injury.

July 7th, Lilly was still off her leg and I had slept on the sofa downstairs with her. Usually we’d have both been upstairs, in bed. I called the vets and we had an appointment for 3pm. So we went to this appointment and due to covid-19 I had to remain outside whilst the vet examined Lilly. When she returned, the look on her face kinda gave it away, I’m lucky as I have worked with this vet in the past and I know that look usually does not mean great news! The vet graded Lilly’s lameness as severe and prescribed anti-inflammatory meds and said she too thought it was cruciate but that the practice’s orthopaedic surgeon was on annual leave until July 22nd. I wasn’t prepared to wait that long so started looking at alternatives and was recommended, Dr Mark Owen of Ossicle Referrals based at Rowe Referrals in Bristol.

I made contact with my veterinary practice and asked them to refer Lilly to Rowe Referrals, it usually takes 2 working days for contact to be made by the referral practice. So as the end of day 2 was approaching I decided to call to ensure the paperwork had been received. Thankfully it had but I was asked to send a video of Lilly walking to them. I got straight on it and emailed over a video of Lilly not weight bearing on her left hind leg. Within 1hr 18 minutes I was receiving a call back, asking if we could attend on July 22nd this would be to X-ray, examine and if required complete the operation. This was fine for us, but the lady I was talking to said that if there was a cancellation then Mark would like her in sooner, again this was absolutely fine for us as I work from home anyway. 

On Monday 13th July I received the welcome email letting us know the information for our appointment, the Covid-19 procedures in place and what to expect, also included was the paperwork for a direct claim with our insurer. So I set about completing this and sending it all back. Come the afternoon of Tuesday 14th July I received a call asking if I could take Lilly on Wednesday 15th July at 8:30am, as there had been a cancellation!

This was perfect! By this time I’d already been sleeping on the sofa for over a week, Lilly still wasn’t weight bearing and would occasionally toe touch. I’m not going to lie, I know the risks of rupturing the cruciate ligament in the ‘good’ leg are high, so I was very keen to reduce the amount of time Lilly was off her injured leg. 

I had ordered a medical pet suit 4 in 1 top and hind legs to arrive for the initial surgery date of the 22nd, as Lilly has NEVER kept a cone on. You’d put it on and it would be off in minutes no matter what you did, this is something our veterinary practice dealt with themselves when she was spayed! Now there was no chance this was going to arrive in time for Lilly to wear it right from the start so we would just have to wait.

The night of the 14th into the 15th of July was strange, I’d prepared what we needed to take with us as we’d have to leave at 6:15am to get there in time and allow some spare time for traffic. It was a restless night everything went through my mind and I mean everything, I kept waking thinking I’d overslept and we’d missed the appointment! We hadn’t and it was only 20 minutes later than when I last looked at the clock!

When my alarm finally did go off, it was get up and go time! I had prepared everything other than the cooler bag for Lilly’s food. Thankfully the staff at  Rowe were more than happy to continue feeding Lilly her raw food, whilst she was with them. Other veterinary hospitals I had looked at would not allow this, which really put me off using them. Just before heading off I popped Lilly’s meals into the cooler bag with an ice block for the journey ahead.

Lilly in the car in way to Rowe
In the car on our way to the veterinary hospital

For our journey I had put Lilly’s Zippy bed which she has had since she was a puppy into the back of the car. Normally Lilly would be in a crate but, if I’m honest there’s just no way I could have gotten her in and out of it again safely without hurting her. Thankfully Lilly simply laid in her bed for the journey to Rowe and was really well behaved. We arrived there for around 8:10am so I phoned through to let them know we were there and ask if there was a toilet we could use. Thankfully there was but we’d be required to wear a mask and gloves, which wasn’t an issue at all as I’d made reusable masks with a filter pocket that we’d taken with us. I complete the paperwork required and signed the authorisation for radiographs, examination, nerve block and the TTA or TPLO procedure if it was required. The estimated cost for the surgery and follow up xrays were clearly listed. 

I attached the vets slip lead and removed Lilly’s harness and collar before lifting her out of the car, handing over her food and saying my goodbyes. We were advised that the vet would call us around lunch time to discuss the examination findings, x-ray results and discuss next steps. Lilly went with the nurse without issue. She did look back a few times but was otherwise ok. 

The drive home felt so strange driving from England back into Wales knowing my girl wasn’t with us. 

When we got home I set about putting up Lilly’s XL crate, which she again had as a puppy. I gave it a good clean and went to get her amazing Tuffies bed to go in the crate. The Tuffies bed has a futon mattress which is super supportive and gives the bed its weight. I also purchased with the Tuffies Wipe Clean bed a couple of stunningly soft and snuggly thick fleece covers. I grabbed a blanket that we usually use on the bed to cover the top of the crate to make it more of a den and placed a vet bed right outside the crate. 

Lilly in her crate
Lilly in her crate post op, with her Tuffies bed inside and vet bed outside.

When the phone rang it was Dr Mark Owen, explaining his findings. It was as we expected a Canine Cruciate Ligament injury, she had failed the draw test, was severely lame and the x-rays showed osteophytes and typical signs of cruciate injury. However, her right leg, nothing abnormal was detected which was fantastic news!

Mark asked how much I knew about this type of injury, and Lilly’s activity levels. I explained I had experience in a veterinary practice and that I had studied Forensic Anthropology (osteology is massive in this degree). I know a lot of the terminology and have a good understanding of the procedures and complications etc, along with bone regrowth and having titanium plates in my face I know the risks of plates and screws and management of arthritis post op long term.

Lilly is pretty active, we walk the local mountains and 4-6 miles is a fairly good average for us. With that information Mark confirmed he would be going ahead with the TTA procedure. We had a good conversation and was advised that I’d get a call again between 5pm and 7pm once Lilly had come round from the anaesthetic.

The wait was hard, anaesthetic isn’t without risk and it’s not exactly a straightforward surgery either. However, true to his word Dr Mark Owen called me again at 5:42pm to say all had gone well and that it was a complete rupture of the cruciate, however the meniscus (the cushion between the joints) was intact, which was great news. He also said that Lilly was awake and doing well and that I could call through the night if I wanted to, which was great. I did call around 9:30pm just to make sure she was ok before going to bed myself and thankfully she was. The nurse I spoke to said that she had been to the toilet and had eaten since the last call! This really put my mind at rest.

Around 7:41am the on duty vet called to update me on how Lilly had been through the night. Thankfully she had been great, she’d moved around using the left hind leg and had had a comfortable night. The vet arranged with us to collect Lilly at 1pm so we’d leave home at around 11am to get there in time. When we arrived I had an authorisation form to fill in for the direct claim and had to pay a fee for Rowe to deal with this and also pay the standard insurance excess, all of which we were aware of anyway. 

When Lilly was brought out she was walking on all fours, an occasional limp from the back left but hey that’s to be expected! She wasn’t even 24 hours post op yet! She had a dressing over the incision and a buster collar and her blue XL comfy cone too. I was so pleased to see her wiggly Labrador butt heading our way! The clipping of her fur goes from just above the hip, down to just below the start of the hock and inside the groin area, it was pretty darn neat and no clipper burn! 

I lifted Lilly into the back of the car, put her collar and lead on and gave back the vets slip lead. I was handed a really comprehensive discharge information pack along with more metacam to see us through. The appointment was made for the follow up x-rays on the 1st September.

On our way home from Rowe
on our way home

The Journey home was a little bumpy, more because of the roads than Lilly to be honest, though she did get a little car sick on the way which did land on me but that wasn’t a problem. As soon as we got home it was straight into the crate to start our road recovery. I sat down and read every word of the discharge paperwork whilst Lilly slept. I highly recommend you do the same, anything that you’re unsure about, please phone your vet and get it clarified. 

I also recommend if you’re on Facebook joining Canine Cruciate Recovery (TPLO, CM etc.) the group members are mainly in the USA but there are members from all over the world. They are a fantastic support group  and all have been in the same position you are! 


So there you have it, the start of our journey from injury to recovery from canine cruciate ligament injury. I hope you’ve found this post helpful in some way.

I will be writing about my must have items for canine cruciate injury recovery and also questions to ask your vet prior to surgery. I’ll also continue to write about our journey to recovery so please subscribe to the newsletter to know when I release new blog posts.

Discover the Top 4 Products for Spring

Discover the Top 4 Products for Spring

Spring is almost here and I wanted to help you to Discover the Top 4 Products for Spring. There’s a bit of a mix here so there should be something for everyone!

Hownd: Yup You Stink Shampoo

Lilly sat on grooming table with Hownd shampoos to her left

It would only be right for me to start this with shampoo, just because winter is on its way out it certainly doesn’t mean you won’t need to bath your dog. Now if your dog is anything like Lilly, she’ll always find something dirty, smelly or dead to roll in!

Hownd has created a wide range of Cruelty-Free shampoos, the bottle in my photograph is the Professional 5 litre jug, as used by Professional Dog Groomers, you can get them in retail 250ml bottles for use at home. I have the following scents that I use at the salon:

  • Yup You Stink – for dogs that are super muddy or a little pungent!
  • Got an Itch – for dogs with sensitive skin, dandruff or a dull coat.
  • Keep Calm – used with dogs that are maybe a little nervous.
  • Miracle White & Bright – for helping get those beautiful white coats nice and bright, naturally!

I use these shampoos year round because I’m very keen to ensure I use natural, cruelty free products on the dogs I work with and if I wouldn’t use it on Lilly it won’t ever be used in my groom room.

Herbal Pet Supplies: No More Bites  

No more bites by herbal pet supplies

This is a hot topic of discussion year round but as Spring arrives the risk increases for flea and tick infestation. As such I use Herbal Pet Supplies: No More Bites, this is because it is a natural repellent for both fleas and ticks. This fantastic preventative can be used alongside veterinary flea and tick control, however, I personally just use Herbal Pet Supplies No More Bites as my flea and tick control for Lilly and have done for some time.

Herbal Pet Supplies: Fresh Orange Hand Cleanser

Fresh orange hand cleanser by herbal pet supplies

This is definitely one for the humans more than the pets! My hands spend so much time being washed and when I worked in the vets harsh chemicals too. It’s so nice to be able to use this beautiful, chemical free hand cleanser! I take it with me on walks just in case the bag splits or for sticky sweet moments! I love how it smells and it doesn’t dry my hands out or make them sore!

Herbal Pet Supplies: Eco-Cleaner

Eco cleaner by herbal pet supplies

This product is a MUST have, it’s totally chemical free, safe to use in all areas of your home. From cleaning the toilet to cleaning your windows it’s got you covered! I’ve found the eco-cleaner to be much kinder on my hands whilst also being super effective at cleaning all area’s of my home, including the washing machine! I’m not the only one who absolutely loves the eco-cleaner range, you only have to search for Herbal Pet Supplies Eco-Cleaner to see the amount of reviews and times it sells out! The scents of this fantastic product change with the seasons and that’s fantastic because you’ll never get bored! 

KONG: Zoom Groom Brush

Those of you with short haired breeds will be no strangers to shedding fur. I’m regularly asked about what brush I recommend to help with this in-between professional grooming appointments. For me the KONG Zoom Groom is the only brush you need for a short coat, if used correctly you can get an astonishing amount of dead coat removed. As this brush is rubber you can use it in the bath or on a dry coat, I always recommend using it on a clean, dry coat for the best results.


I hope you find some of these products useful not only for your dog but also for yourself. I’ve purchased all of the items mentioned here and I’ve not been paid to include them in this post. Here’s some links for you to be able to find some of the products mentioned in the post.

Herbal Pet Supplies:


Is the Julius K9 IDC Powerharness the Best?

Is the Julius K9 IDC Powerharness the Best?

Is the Julius K9 IDC Powerharness really the best? - Lilly wearing the julius idc powerharness in red

If you’re anything like me then finding the perfect harness for your dog, is overwhelming. With so much choice, conflicting feedback and the concern of your dog backing out of their harness on a busy road it’s no wonder we’re confused and overwhelmed!

The Julius K9 IDC Powerharness has had a massive amount of hype, but does it live up to its expectations? I personally bought the Julius K9 IDC Powerharness for Lilly, my Labrador back in 2016, and I want to share my experience with this harness.

In a hurry? Here’s what you need to know….

  • The Julius K9 IDC Powerharness is available in sizes Baby to Size 4 and will fit most breeds (more info on sizes here).
  • Super customisable – you can purchase your own Glow in the Dark Velcro labels
  • Julius K9 Harnesses have been used by the Police and Military
  • High quality and made in Europe!

Buy From Julius K9 UK

Keep reading for the full review……

Julius K9 IDC Powerharness: Style and Colors

For the purpose of this review I’ll be looking at the IDC Powerharness only, there are other styles available.

The IDC Powerharness is a shaped top piece that sits on your dogs back think of a saddle type shape. It follows the shape of your dog and features two straps one that goes around our dogs rib area and another that goes around the front just above the shoulders but below the throat see image below.

Side view of Julius k9 idc power harness


I purchased the IDC Powerharness in red because it’s one of my favourite colours and Lilly was wearing a red collar at the time. Though it does come in 20+ colors or designs including the GB Flag and US Flag to name a few.

If that’s not enough personalization the IDC Powerharness comes with two Velcro glow in the dark patches that can be customised with your dogs name or a message of your choice. Though these do cost extra depending on size and whether your message is bespoke or ready made.

Julius K9 IDC Powerharness: Materials

The IDC Powerharness is made in Germany and uses OEKO-TEX anti allergenic lining which makes it friendly to both human and canine skin! Unfortunately, they don’t disclose a full materials list so I cannot go into much detail on this. However, the D ring featured on the back of the harness is super strong and honestly is one of the best D rings I’ve seen on a harness!

D ring of Julius k9

Julius K9 IDC Powerharness: Key Features


One of the features that drew me to the IDC Powerharness was the glow in the dark patches and general reflective properties. Mostly for the fall and winter walks which are almost always in the dark. Surprisingly the glow in the dark patches are really effective and only need to be in a well lit environment for a short time to work! The reflective aspect is built into the harness itself with reflective top stitching around the main body section and a reflective strip on the chest strap.

Front reflective strap Julius k9 harness

If you need more visibility then you can also add further lights via loops near the handle and above where the side bags would attach. These are an add on and would be an extra cost. I personally haven’t used this option so cannot comment further.

Built in Handle

Another brilliant feature that’s super helpful for me and Lilly as we often walk the local mountains, which means getting over a number of  stiles. The handle is really handy for helping Lilly get over safely especially when there’s cattle or sheep roaming and Lilly has to be on lead! It’s also really handy for socialization as you can hold your dog in the sit position and encourage good social behaviour without jumping up etc. For security there is a small security tab that holds the handle down when not in use.

Julius k9 harness top view


Option to add side bags

If your going on a long walk or need your dog to carry some supplies then the IDC Powerharness does have to option to attach two side bags. These are an add on and come at an extra cost, I personally haven’t used these so I cannot comment on them.

How does it wash?

We’ve had the IDC Powerharness now for nearly 4 years and in that time its walked mountains, been rolled in multiple dead and smelly substances and done its fair share of mud surfing! I’m pleased to say that it has held up really well! All the photos on this blog are of our actual harness which is why there are no tags attached. I tend to just pop it in the sink and scrub away and I’ll be honest it does come up well. It dries pretty quick too which is always an added bonus. I advise that you always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions which are included on the label stitched into the harness.

Is it Value for Money?

When I ordered the IDC Powerharness back in 2016 it was £40 including shipping and tax for the size 2 harness, with no optional extras. When you sit down and spread that cost over the time I’ve had the harness it works out at £10 a year, which is nothing really! The harness is still in fantastic condition and is really hard wearing so I’d definitely consider getting another if I needed to.

I’ve read that this type of harness limits my dogs movements, is that true?

This is a touchy area to be honest and for a while I did stop using my IDC Powerharness due to this concern. However, I have since started using it again after reading important literature which has studied this claim in depth. I would suggest you look at this data yourself here.


If you were to  ask me would I purchase the Julius K9 IDC Powerharness again, I would have to really think about it. Not because there’s anything wrong with it, but because I’ve become a bit of a harness hoarder. However, if I didn’t have another harness I would definitely purchase another. The handle is super useful and the reflective and glow in the dark properties are perfect for walks in the dark or poor conditions.

So I do think one of the best on the market, though please be cautious there are some pretty convincing fakes on the internet. I highly recommend you purchase from a reliable retailer!

Buy from Julius K9 UK

Inspiring Brands: Herbal Pet Supplies

Inspiring Brands: Herbal Pet Supplies

3 bottles of herbal pet supplies eco cleaner

As many of you will know, here at Lilly the Labrador we adore natural products. After many, months of searching for natural products for Lilly, I found Herbal Pet Supplies.

This amazing family run business focuses on everything from grooming products to natural flea and worming solutions.Click To Tweet

Claire, her family and her fantastic Facebook Admins work flat out pretty much 7 days a week! They spend hours upon hours answering customer queries, as well as bottling and creating their products, before picking and packing the thousands of orders received every day!

My initial order

I initially purchased some Silver Cream and pH Tonic as Lilly was having some issues, the pH Tonic resolved Lilly’s urinary issues within 5 days! Since our first venture into the world of Herbal Pet Supplies, it’s safe to say we have become big fans of the entire range!

Product Overview

Silver Cream

Silver cream by herbal pet supplies

As for the Silver Cream it has become a favourite in the house for both humans and canines alike! It’s proven to be fantastic on minor wounds but also fantastic for helping my Diabetic mum with her hands, as they split quite badly as she works in a frozen food store.

Silver has been used for centuries as a highly effective anti-bacterial solution and it won’t hurt your pet if they lick it!

Eco Cleaners

Eco cleaner by herbal pet supplies

One of their best selling products are the Eco Cleaners, these Cleaners along with all of Herbal Pet Supplies products are cruelty free, pet friendly and all natural. The Eco Cleaners have seasonal scents which sell out almost instantly when loaded onto the website! We have been lucky enough to get a few to sell but even we are limited on stock!

We have personally used the Eco Cleaner in the drum of our washing machine on a hot wash to ensure the drum was super clean, it literally gleamed and we knew there was no nasties to ruin clothing on the next wash, plus it smelt amazing! Last weekend we cleaned the windows inside and out which left a stunning streak free finish, which we’ve not been able to get with some of the leading window cleaner sprays.

You can also put 20 to 30ml in a bucket of water to mop your flooring, or simply use neat to get out stubborn stains or marks!

No Rinse Hand Cleanser

Fresh orange hand cleanser by herbal pet supplies

If you’re anything like me you usually have a bottle of alcohol gel stashed in your handbag. Having worked in a veterinary practice my hands have always taken a battering from antibacterial scrubs being used multiple times a day.

Which is why I was super excited when Herbal Pet Supplies launched their No Rinse Hand Cleanser, this fantastic bottle of lushness has meant I can clean my hands anywhere without worrying how dry my hands will become!

It’s also perfect to take on dog walks should the worst happen and a poo bag breaks! Grim I know but it does happen!

Parasite Control

No more bites by herbal pet supplies

Speaking of unwanted guests none of us want to deal with a flea or worm infestation, they’re super annoying, difficult to completely get rid of and are completely preventable! We are using a few products ourselves with excellent results they are:

  • No More Bites 100ml – a few drops on the back of the neck weekly to act as a preventative for fleas and ticks 100ml per dog per year approx. – £13.20
  • No More Bites Shampoo 500ml – can be used along side the No More Bites drops to help keep unwanted visitors away – £12.00
  • Tummy Tincture 100ml – Natural intestinal support, give 1 pipettes full into mouth or food monthly ( for young pups or smaller pets give half a pipettes). Each bottle contains approx. 110 pipettes! -£19.80

Bless You Shampoo

As a Professional Dog Groomer I’m often asked about the best shampoos for various coat types, I’ve always preferred natural and this is why we love Herbal Pet Supplies Bless You Shampoo.

It comes in various scents and is suitable for all coat types, not to mention they smell fantastic! We really believe that the Bless You Shampoo is well worth the money and is better value for money at only £10 for 500ml!

I think it’s safe to say that we love the Herbal Pet Supplies range and can’t wait to see all the new products that Claire and her team make!

** I have purchased many items from Herbal Pet Supplies and have not been paid in cash or products to write this post.**

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