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Some of you may have heard about Leucillin, but I expect that most people haven’t. So what is it? Well, Leucillin is an antiseptic solution available in a 50ml dropper form or sprays from 150ml up to 500ml.

I’ve had Leucillin in my first aid box for as long as I can remember, pulling it out to deal with scrapes, cuts and minor wounds on Lilly but also myself; with an excellent effect, I won’t post photos of my injury as well they aren’t very nice to see.

The Review

Leucillin display all sizes from smallest on the left to largest on right

So what makes Leucilin so great? Well, that’s something we will look at in more detail. Leucilin was the very first Hypochlorous based health, and skincare spray launched in 2011. It is the most potent skin neutral pH, non-toxic antiseptic solution available anywhere.

It is specially formulated for your animal’s health and skincare and has proven anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal Technology. The spray contains the active ingredient Hypochlorous (HOCl); this is a naturally occurring chemical in the mammalian body produced by white blood cells.

Hypochlorous is one of the most effective and efficient biocides known to man. Whilst being safe, it is 300 times more effective than bleach and is almost instant in its effect, and unlike antibiotics, bacteria do not develop immunity to it.

That’s the scientific basis of Leucillin done, which is great but does it work? The simple answer is YES; it does. I’ve used it on some pretty nasty wounds on myself and Lilly, with fantastic success. I feel it is essential to say here that I am a qualified human and animal first aider and worked at a veterinary practice as an auxiliary nurse, so I’ve had a lot of wound management experience.

I recently used Leucillin Antiseptic Skincare to clean Lilly’s incision site after her Tibial Tuberosity Advancement surgery. Unfortunately, despite wearing a cone, Lilly managed to get around it and lick her incision open. She required daily cleaning, dressing and checks for infection for eight days! Leucillin is easy to use, you can spray it onto cotton wool or directly onto wounds to clean, and it doesn’t sting! Trust me; I’ve tried it on myself!

I honestly believe Leucillin helped reduce the infection risk for Lilly. Without it, cleaning would have been a bit more of a pain and having it in a handy spray bottle was helpful too! I have a fair few bottles stashed away as I love the stuff for humans, canines and equines, and I don’t think I’d ever stop using it.

Recently, tests were conducted looking at efficacy against Covid-19, and Leucillin was proven to be effective when used! You can read Leucillin official statement here. It is fascinating, and I think you should look at this in detail. It shouldn’t reduce your standard hygiene routines as advised by your local government.

Leucillin has a fantastic safety record and is competition safe for equines, as Leucillin contains no substances prohibited under the FEI, or Jockey Club banned chemicals for competition. You can read more about Leucillin on their website.

I wouldn’t be without Leucillin for human or animal first aid and use it in my groom room! This fantastic product is very cost-effective, at £4.99 to £14.99 for the largest size. I honestly believe everyone should have some!


Leucillin is, in my opinion, a must-have item in any first aid box! that is suitable for use on a wide range of animals. I can also say that Leucillin played a massive part in keeping my injury clean. I do recommend visiting the manufacturers’ website for further information.

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