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Tuffy’s ultimate bone dog toy

If you have a dog that destroys toys in minutes, it can be a nightmare to find toys that last. Now I’ll be honest Lilly isn’t the destructive type now that she is older, however, when she was a pup, a cuddly toy didn’t stand a chance!
This is when I started looking for some truly tough toys. I was recommended the Tuffy range and after some research, I settled on the Tuffy Ultimate Bone.

About Tuffy

VIP Products have been designing and manufacturing high-quality pet products since 1999. They understood there was a need for stronger, tougher and safer dog toys. Enter Tuffy Toys, which are considered the strongest and toughest soft dog toy on the market!

In a hurry? Here’s what you need to know…

  • The Tuffy’s Ultimate Bone is rages 9 on the Tuffy Scale
  • It features 3 squeakers.
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Both me and Lilly think it’s well worth buying!
  • Please note it isn’t indestructible, once damaged it shouldn’t be used! Safety first! 

The Tuffy Scale

Tuffy rating scale showing the Tuffy ultimate bone is rated 9 out of 10


Many of the Tuffy toys come with a number attached to them, this number denotes the ‘toughness’ of the toy in question. The Tuffy Ultimate Bone is rated 9 out of 10 on the Tuffy scale. Which is one of the reasons I chose it.

The Ultimate Bone

New Tuffy ultimate bone


I purchased our current version of the Ultimate Bone in May 2017, as you can see by the photos below, it’s been very well used!

** Lilly is no longer using this toy. Once damaged any toy should be removed from your dog’s possession.**

We purchased a replacement Ultimate Bone in October 2018, which we think is exceptional value for money and the replacement is still going!
Lilly loves to play tug and fetch with her Ultimate Bone on a daily basis, it really is one of her favourite toys.

As with any toy the Tuffy Ultimate Bone is not indestructible. It is your responsibility to ensure that the toy is removed from your dog’s possession should it become damaged.

Material Makeup

The Ultimate Bone is made up of 3 layers of material:
1. A layer of soft fleece on the outside
2. A layer of industrial grade luggage material on the inside
3. A layer of plastic coating on the inside

All these material layers are sewn together multiple times, there are 2 rows of cross stitching and 2 rows of linear stitching. The Ultimate Bone has an additional black trim helping to make a super strong toy!

If your dog loves squeakers then they’ll love the Ultimate Bone as it has three!

Care Guide

I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that the Ultimate Bone is machine washable and it floats too!

I’ve not tested these two features as Lilly doesn’t take her Ultimate Bone outdoors.

Colors & Sizing

The Ultimate Bone comes in three colors:
– Red
– Blue
– Pink
The Ultimate Bone is available in one size only.


I’ll be honest if you’re looking for cheap the Tuffy Ultimate Bone certainly isn’t at £13! However, if you consider how much you’re spending on ‘cheaper’ toys it’ll probably add up to far more.

Also if you take my example of the original purchase of May 2017 to October 2018 and divide the cost of £13 by 17 months you’ll end up with a cost of £0.76 a month!! That’s outstanding value for money in my opinion.

Overall Conclusion

The Tuffy Ultimate Bone certainly is a favourite and we do feel it is a tough toy. However, as we said previously it isn’t indestructible so please supervise your dog and frequently check the Ultimate Bone for damage.

We are impressed by the longevity of the Ultimate Bone and will certainly be looking at some of the other toys in the range.
Whilst the Tuffy Ultimate Bone isn’t the cheapest of toys we do feel it’s worth the price.

If you’d like to purchase a Tuffy’s Ultimate Bone I bought mine from the lovely folks at Dapper Pets in the UK but it can be purchased on Amazon.